Неполнота информации часто рождает слухи. Ниже собрана (пополняемая) подборка пресс-релизов и постов в соцмедиа производителей с их заявлениями о принятых решениях по продажам в России. Не все ссылки доступны с российских IP-адресов. Публикации в отечественных и зарубежных СМИ как достоверный источник не рассматриваются - только официальные сайты, блоги и аккаунты в социальных сетях. Добавляйте, пожалуйста, в комментариях не вошедшие в перечень ссылки.

Добавлено 14.03.2022 - Cloudflare, Docker, ESET, Epson, Hitachi, Logitech, MikroTik, Nokia, SUSE

Добавлено 16.03.2022 - Honeywell, Percona, Nozomi Networks, Salesforce (?Slack)

Добавлено 17.03.2022 - Accenture, Akamai, Deloitte, Elastic, EY, Intuit (Mailchimp), Juniper, KPMG, NETSCOUT (Arbor), Norton, PwC, VMware

Добавлено 18.03.2022 - Schneider Electric, Xerox

Добавлено 22.03.2022 - NEC

Добавлено 23.03.2022 - Barracuda Networks, EPAM, F5, IONOS, Sharp

Добавлено 29.03.2022 - Algosec, Cloudera, Fujitsu

Добавлено 06.04.2022 - Canonical, Intel (повторное заявление)

Добавлено 07.04.2022 - Cisco (на русском языке), Spotify

Добавлено 11.04.2022 - Acer, Ericsson

Добавлено 12.04.2022 - Nokia (повторное заявление)

Добавлено 20.04.2022 - SAP (повторное заявление), Toshiba



08.03.2022 Accenture is discontinuing our business in Russia. [pdf]


08.03.2022 Acer has decided to suspend its business in Russia. [pdf]


04.03.2022 Acronis is suspending all operations in Russia. [pdf]


07.03.2022 Suspending all sales efforts in Russia and Belarus. Terminating business with state-majority-owned Russian and Belarusian customers. Complying with all applicable sanctions. …we have made a deliberate decision to maintain our network presence in Russia. [pdf]


03.2022 AlgoSec has ceased selling its products and services in Russia, including the delivery of services to existing customers. [pdf]


10.03.2022 With immediate effect, we have withdrawn the availability of all of our products from Russia and Belarus and suspended all marketing and sales operations in these countries. [pdf]


Barracuda Networks

03.2022 The sanctions restrict our ability to provide and support our products and services for our valued customers and partners in the newly embargoed regions of Russia, Belarus, and the Luhansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine. As a result, effective Tuesday March 8, 2022, you will be unable to access our product and solutions, and the functionality of the products will be suspended. [pdf]



05.04.2022 Canonical has sent notice of termination of support, professional services, and channel partnerships with Russian enterprises. We will not restrict access to security patches for Ubuntu users in Russia. [pdf]


04.2022 …на ближайший период Cisco прекращает все бизнес-операции, в том числе продажи и предоставление услуг, на территории России и Беларуси. [pdf]


03.2022 …we are stopping all business operations, including sales and services, in Russia and Belarus for the foreseeable future. [pdf]


14.03.2022 …we have decided to suspend all business activities in Russia. [pdf]


07.03.2022 …we have terminated any customers we have identified as tied to sanctions, including those related to Russian financial institutions, Russian influence campaigns, and the Russian-affiliated Donetsk and Luhansk governments. …we believe that shutting down Cloudflare`s services entirely in Russia would be a mistake. [pdf]



02.03.2022 Deloitte is currently reviewing our business and presence in Russia. We are mindful of our professional obligations and the changing circumstances as we undertake this review. We will continue to comply with all applicable sanctions; Deloitte does not serve any entities of Russia’s Central Government. (Прим. Обновление от 07.03.2022: Deloitte will no longer operate in Russia and Belarus.) [pdf]


08.03.2022 We will not do business with Russian companies during this period. As such, we have removed the ability to purchase Docker subscriptions from Russia and Belarus. [pdf]



03.03.2022 …until further notice, we will no longer sell our products to companies in Russia. [pdf]


04.03.2022 EPAM will discontinue its services to customers located in Russia. EPAM is committed to providing transition support for customers in this market. EPAM does not do work for the government in Russia and is and will continue to be in full compliance with all sanctions. The Company is also actively evaluating its other operations in the region. [pdf]


09.03.2022 …suspend exports of our products to Russia and Belarus. [pdf]


11.04.2022 In late February, Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) suspended all deliveries to customers in Russia. In the light of recent events and of European Union sanctions, the company will now suspend its affected business with customers in Russia indefinitely. [pdf]


08.03.2022 …stopping all new sales to any individuals, businesses and organizations in Russia and Belarus. [pdf]


07.03.2022 EY global organization decided that the Russian practice will continue working with clients as an independent group of audit and consulting companies that are not part of the EY global network. [pdf]



15.03.2022 We have suspended all sales activity in Russia and are routing customer support cases through other locations. We have removed F5 network access and halted contributions to NGINX open-source projects in Russia; this work will continue in other global locations. [pdf]


07.03.2022 …today announced that it ceased operations within Russia. This included the suspension of Fortinet sales, support, and professional services. Fortinet continues to follow all security protocols and U.S. and other applicable government regulations and guidelines. [pdf]


14.03.2022 …Fujitsu shall cease all new orders and deliveries of products and product related services in Russia. Additionally, Fujitsu will transfer responsibility for the various services it has offered to customers outside of Russia from a service center in Russia to delivery locations in other regions as soon as possible to maintain the stable continuity of services. [pdf]


General Electriс

08.03.2022 We are suspending our operations in Russia, with the exceptionof providing essential medical equipment and supporting existing power services to people in the region. [pdf]



10.03.2022 Hitachi Group is suspending exports to Russia and pausing all manufacturing activities within the country for the time being, with the exception of products, services and support for electrical power equipment that are indispensable to the daily lives of people. [pdf]


08.03.2022 …suspended substantially all of our sales, distribution and service activities in Russia and Belarus. [pdf]


04.03.2022 …we have suspended shipments to Russia and paused all Russian marketing and advertising activities. [pdf]



03.03.2022 In addition to having stopped selling technology in Russia, we also do not do business with Russian military organizations. [pdf]


07.03.2022 …suspend all new sales and operations in Russia and Belarus. Imperva has given notice to existing customers and deactivated our point of presence in Moscow. [pdf]


06.04.2022 Мы немедленно приостановили все деловые операции в России. Это следует за нашим предыдущим решением приостановить все поставки клиентам в России и Беларуси. [pdf]


02.03.2022 …we have suspended all shipments to customers in both Russia and Belarus. [pdf]


14.03.2022 …we are suspending all customer accounts in Russia. (Прим.: Intuit владеет Mailchimp) [pdf]


03.03.2022 …we are not accepting any new customer contracts from Russia and are also terminating existing relationships with Russian customers. This also applies to business relationships with Russian service providers and suppliers. We are currently reviewing all existing supplier contracts. [pdf]



03.2022 Juniper has suspended all sales, product deliveries and support services for customers in Russia and Belarus until further notice. [pdf]



03.2022 …our Russia and Belarus firms will leave the KPMG network. [pdf]



07.03.2022 …are pausing shipments into Russia. [pdf]



04.03.2022 …we will suspend all new sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia. …we are stopping many aspects of our business in Russia in compliance with governmental sanctions decisions. [pdf]


07.03.2022 …stopping all shipments and licensing to Russia and Belarus since February. [pdf]



22.03.2022 …NEC Group has suspended all future sales of products and services, as well as future investments in Russia. [pdf]


03.03.2022 NETSCOUT stopped all sales, support, and services to Russian companies. (Прим.: Salesforce владеет Arbor) [pdf]


12.04.2022 …we will exit the Russian market. …we will aim to provide the necessary support to maintain the networks and are applying for the relevant licenses to enable this support in compliance with current sanctions. [pdf]


04.03.2022 …suspended our deliveries to Russia for the time being. [pdf]


03.2022 В связи с недавними событиями и в соответствии с правилами экспортного контроля мы не можем принимать новые заказы или оказывать помощь в настоящий момент. Если вы уже являетесь клиентом, использующим наши продукты, некоторые функции могут не работать или при их использовании могут возникать ошибки. [pdf]

Nozomi Networks

14.03.2022 …we do not have a presence in or do business with Russia. If we had a presence in Russia, we would most certainly have ceased operations. [pdf]



02.03.2022 Oracle Corporation has already suspended all operations in the Russian Federation. [pdf]



09.03.2022 …we are stopping doing new business with organizations in Russia and Belarus until further notice. … we have not discontinued support and services for our existing Russia-based customers. [pdf]


06.03.2022 PwC should not have a member firm in Russia and consequently PwC Russia will leave the network. [pdf]


Red Hat

08.03.2022 Effective immediately, Red Hat is discontinuing sales and services in Russia and Belarus (for both organizations located in or headquartered in Russia or Belarus). This includes discontinuing partner relationships with organizations based in or headquartered in Russia or Belarus. [pdf]



07.03.2022 We do not have a material business in Russia. Through resellers and other channels we have a very small number of Russia-based customers, and we began exiting those relationships last week. (Прим.: Salesforce владеет Slack) [pdf]


19.04.2022 Today we are announcing further steps toward an orderly exit from our operations in Russia… [pdf]


02.03.2022 We are stopping business in Russia and Belarus aligned with sanctions and, in addition, pausing all sales of SAP services and products in Russia and Belarus. [pdf]


23.03.2022 Sharp Group is currently suspending shipping into Russia. [pdf]

Schneider Electric

17.03.2022 Since Feb. 24th, Schneider Electric has put on hold new investments as well as the international delivery of new project orders destined to Russia and Belarus. [pdf]


03.2022 …all new business in and international deliveries to Russia and Belarus are on hold while we evaluate the full implication of all sanctions. [pdf]


07.04.2022 …мы приняли сложное решение полностью приостановить работу Spotify в России с 11 апреля 2022 г. [pdf]


07.03.2022 …we are evaluating all of our business relationships in Russia and have suspended all direct sales in Russia. [pdf]



20.04.2022 …Toshiba Group has suspended order taking and investments in Russia. [pdf]



11.03.2022 …обеспечить стабильную работу решений UserGate, их активацию и обновления. [pdf]



04.03.2022 Veeam has paused all sales in Russia. [pdf]


02.03.2022 VMware is suspending all business operations in Russia and Belarus. [pdf]



14.03.2022 …we stopped all shipments to Russia, and we are complying with all applicable government-issued sanctions. [pdf]



07.03.2022 Zabbix has decided to stop commercial operations in Russia. [pdf]



01.03.2022 …введен в действие новый прайс-лист с актуальным списком продуктов ИнфоТеКС. [pdf]



09.03.2022 …продолжает работу в обычном режиме. [pdf]

Код Безопасности

05.03.2022 «Код Безопасности» был и будет надежным партнером, на которого вы можете положиться в любой ситуации. [pdf]



01.03.2022 …стоимость аппаратных комплексов корректируется в соответствии с изменениями цен на комплектующие. Стоимость лицензий на право использования программных продуктов С-Терра и программного обеспечения С-Терра VPN остаётся прежней. [pdf]

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