Waterfall Security Solutions

Waterfall’s® Unidirectional Security Gateways — семейство продуктов на базе единого технологического ядра, аппаратно реализующих функционал однонаправленных сетевых шлюзов (диодов), с поддержкой широкого числа сетевых приложений и протоколов, в том числе, специфичных для промышленных сетей.


Waterfall’s® Unidirectional Security Gateways and data diodes – a product family, based on a common technological core, enabling hardware based unidirectional communication, with inherent support for many applications, protocols and infrastructures.

Waterfall’s products enable online transmission of data: information, alerts, files, video streams, etc…, from one network to the other, in a unidirectional mode only – no data, of any type or sort, can pass backwards.

Using its unique technology and cutting-edge product architecture, Waterfall Security Solutions offers a multitude of solutions, tailored for the widespread needs of sensitive network’s online data sharing, remote administration and real-time monitoring.

Waterfall® for OPC-UA
Cyber Security Solution for OPC Unified Architecture Overview Waterfall for OPC Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) enables the integration of control-system OPC-UA servers with business systems without introducing the risks which always accompany firewall deployments. Waterfall Unidirectional Security Gateways provide absolute protection for critical control system.

Waterfall® for OPC-DA
Cyber Security Solution for OPC-DA Replication General Waterfall for OPC-DA, a unidirectional security gateway, best addresses utilities’ needs to remotely access the OPC-DA data. Waterfall for OPC-DA maintains absolute cyber-security of the industrial network and assists to achieve regulatory compliances.

Waterfall® Security’s SCADA Monitoring Enabler for ICCP (WF-SME for ICCP) enables secure, unidirectional, real time and foolproof transfer of ICCP data from industrial networks or to them allowing operational data to be used between different networks.

The WF-SME for Modbus enables secure, unidirectional, real time, and foolproof transfer of Modbus data from Industrial networks to Business networks. The Modbus over TCP/IP Protocol is used to deliver control and monitoring information over a SCADA network. The Modbus is a single layer protocol used directly over the TCP/IP sockets.

Waterfall® Security’s SCADA Monitoring Enabler for DNP3 (WF-SME for DNP3) enables secure, unidirectional, real time, and foolproof transfer of DNP3 data from industrial networks to business and corporate networks. The DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol 3) is an open protocol in the SCADA world used to connect control and monitoring critical systems equipment.